Monday, July 30, 2007


I actually was able to get out of the house for a change. I got up with my girls (who I rarely get to sad), and we all went to the beach.

I forgot how beautiful the drive up the California coastline is. Well, subtract the traffic, and you have a pretty freakin sweet ride.

We got up to Zuma Beach in Malibu and despite having to fight brids and bees, we had a really nice time relaxing, playing in the water, and forgetting about real life. I wish I had more opportunities to do that.

Thank God for sunblock. I got a pretty nice tan today.

I think I wanna do something different with my hair. Random, I know, but I think it's about that time. I guess it's in due form, though. I usually get the bug once every couple of years. More on that as it develops.

Side note: I was reading my horoscope in Allure and it said something to the effect of "Capricorns need to make rash decisions in order to curb self doubt." Seems like my life isn't so abnormal after all.

Double side note: Is it strange that I am completely over my ex-fiance? I really am. Feels like it happened AGES ago. Damn I work fast. LOL.

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natural muze said...

no, it's not strange. i was over my ex like a month after we broke up, if that...and we were together six years! i think i had already mentally separated from him long ago though.

i wish i lived in cali. i'm so jealous. i would be so dark though...i tan like 5 shades in an hour here in michigan! and all i'm doing is running! lol.