Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Braids are GONE

I just got finished taking these things out of my head with one of my favorite people - my grandma. I missed my hair so much...and it's grown. To think how I used to abuse the hell out of it makes me sad sometimes. Who knows what it would have looked like now if I didn't revert that first time...cutting off all this goodness only to get fried, dyed and faded every other week for $80 a pop...only to come home and sleep in the most uncomfortable of positions.

That's the masochism right there. LOL.


I guess we'll never know.

Either way, I feel a lot better in this ridiculous heat we've been tormented with in L.A. - sorry if you live in a hotter area of the good ol' US of A, but EYE am not used to 100+ degree weather. NOT.COOL. But I guess it'll be a little better since I got the extra weight off the back of my neck.

I also got a sweet picture of my grand-ma afterward. I absolutely adore this woman. She's the business. I wish you could meet her. It would change your life....well, maybe not, but I'd get a guaranteed laugh out of it either way.

That's her...with the stunner shades on. YOU GO CARMELITA!!!! (it's her middle name, but I love calling her that!)


Blogxilla said...

Hey How are you? First time reader by way of Muze, she so fly... anyway Going natural is the business. I'm coming up on my 2 year nappiversary and i love it. It was the best thing ever. I miss my grand mother I know if she was still alive my life would be totally different, I can see her twisting up my hair and taking care of my locks. Great thing.

Since I don't blog on Blogger anymore you can check me out here if you like.

Great Blog.

SistaSocialite said...

I've been wanting to go natural... but I'm kind of scared!! lol

natural muze said...

your grandmother looks flyy! ha!

that's cool.

and girl i know what you were feeling as you took the braids out. man i've been sporting this straight hair for all of two weeks and it has got to GO! like, now. lol.