Friday, July 25, 2008

My Addiction

I've been AWOL. You know why?


Damn that infernal auction site. This month, it has managed to relieve me of over $300 and I'm not even finished with what I'm trying to win on that site. I've pledged to stop after the 28th of the month.

So much for my new financial plan...I can't stick with anything. I'm surprised I've been in the relationship I'm in for this long. Seriously.

It all started when I decided to get an ipod to help my time in the gym pass by more quickly. Note: I haven't been to the gym since my car messed up (it was fixed 3 days later). I resolved to find a $40 ipod somewhere and I turned to my old standby eBay. I seemed to have forgotten that once I start, it's extremely hard for me to stop.

My search for the elusive $40 ipod was unfruitful, so I decided to pay whatever I thought was fair given the condition of the piece. I found one - barely used and in a kick-ass color and made it mine - for $130 with shipping. Everything after that is really a blur. I clicked on a random American Apparel ad and discovered that they had an eBay store that sold vintage clothes (I have a "thing" for them). I also found a rare bartending book that my dude HAD to have. Then I found a pair of shoes...


I caught myself mid-spree and added up all the money I've spent on eBay and for the whole month. It's shameful. Extremely shameful. And I call myself trying to go to Jamaica in October.

I'm going cold turkey in August. I hope I don't "forget" about my addiction come Christmastime.