Tuesday, July 3, 2007

About that Dad of mine...

It's funny how my dad works. To be honest, he's to blame for my bouts with indecision. Hours after I post the blog about him offering to loan me his camera, he advises me to get one after all. He then adds that he would put something on it.

Vivian, I feel you on Emotional Rollercoasters - I was a hot mess this afternoon/evening looking for something to buy. I decided on a Cybershot. Not the top of the line one, but a moderately priced version(re: the second cheapest one available). And it's still damn sexy.

I don't know what to file this under...took one step, took two back, but then I ended up passing Go anyway.


I'll take the "W." I already had a Cape Cod this evening, so do whatcha like. I'll be playing with my new toy.

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