Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Art of the Re-Nig

Umm, yeah...

So apparently, Circuit City can't ship my merch by the time I need it. Thank you early Americans for making July 4th the day you want to cut up and relieve the Redcoats. Jerks.

Anyway, I had to cancel my order. I was prepared to go out to Best Buy today, but Dad convinced me of otherwise (i.e. reminded me that I have no real job), and has offered up his camera for my use - and THAT camera is sexy...damn sexy. It's a Sony T50 Cybershot. The one with the thing in front that slides down to expose the lens / power on. It has a 3" LCD screen...a 3" LCD touch screen.


I now have to hang my head in shame. Not only did I do what most all Spades players can't stand, I am still camera-less...sort of. It's cool to borrow something - especially something that nice - but it's different when you have something of your own.


If anyone wants to contribute to my camera fund, let me know. If anyone finds my M525, sock the person you see it with. Please and thank you.

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