Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I'm a chronic overthinker.

It's a crippling disorder, I assure you. It has kept me from making many a move, and has caused me to turn away from open doors...and it sucks.

In an attempt to rid myself of this malady, I've decided to put an affirmation I saw in Essence Magazine into play; "Overthinking doesn't help me. Action does! Today I move forward." I think I effectively put that into practice today. You be the judge.

Tonight, at midnight, I bought a camera.

Sure this may seem like a mundane, and extremely random activity, but this is a major milestone for me. I've been considering getting a new camera since my M525 mysteriously disappeared between Northridge and my home somewhere near June 20th...whatever. Today, I was feverishly searching for a more compact, and downright sexier, sleeker replacement.

- I had to have it by this Thursday (more on this later...)
- It needed to be 5 MP or more
- It needed to look good
- It needed to be less than $200


I had the time of my life looking for a damn camera. Craigslist and eBay, as much as I love them both, were of little help. I turned to last Sunday's paper, but to no avail. Why is everything $3 million? I swear, you would think everyone is Ansel Adams as much as these things cost.

Anyway, at about 11 and some minutes in the PM, I got a good tip from a friend of mine and found a hot lil' camera. A Casio Exilim EXZ75. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but I figured nothing is going to be perfect for everyone. And it had a good enough rating on the Circuit City website.

Long story short, I proceed to checkout, enter all necessary info, and then I start to think about stuff. Stuff like how I really shouldn't buy this; how I've been running my credit card balance upward after working so hard to pay it off; about how I need a weekend job; about how this money could be better spent; you know...the usual stuff that ends up with you leaving a store empty handed. At that point, I did what I normally do in this situation: I asked my aforementioned friend if I should buy the camera.

*EPIPHANY* I need to stop doing this. Why do I have to ask permission to do something I want to do. I need the camera. It's under budget. It's sexy. So what's the problem?

Thank you, Essence. I took a deep breath and bought the camera. And it felt good. Really good. Like, gold medal ribbon ice cream on a hot day, good. It'll be here on the 5th. Somehow, you will reap the indirect benefits thereof.

People, you have license to celebrate with a martini. I've evolved.

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