Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ok, so I had NO idea that looking for gainful employment would be this hard. I mean...this SUCKS. I've heard more "we're not hiring"s in the past three days than I have in my whole life. All of this trapsing back and forth across Los Angeles County is definitely NOT the business.

They're lucky that gas has gone down.

No, I wasn't expecting something to be dropped in the palm of my hand (although that would be pretty freakin sweet at this point), but I'm in a bind right now and pounding pavement with no results is starting to take its toll on me. Funds are low and debts are high...and climbing higher still as I manage to conveniently forget every financial lession regarding responsible credit card use.

I know I'm going to make it. Losing really isn't an option at this point. But Gordon Bennett, I need some relief.

If you would like to contribute to the Help Alicia Pay Her Bills Fund, please e-mail me. Thank you and good day.

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