Saturday, August 25, 2007


I love the feeling of payoff. Even if it might not be much, when it comes to the point where you've been working and pushing and striving for so long, anything is seen as a just reward, the payoff can be rated right up there with a Big Stick on a summer day.

*Note to self: Stalk the next ice cream truck I hear*

This has been a very trying year for yours truly. For some reason, though, I'm feeling sense of calm and optimism. I really can't go anywhere but up...seriously. I don't even want to run down the laundry list of stuff that wasn't supposed to happen, but I know that because of all of it, I'll be wiser for the wear...that or maybe I'll finally accept that God has a very twisted method of communicating with me. Call it irreverent, but He needs an iPhone or that silver Blackberry or something. This trial by fire thing is not the business.

Well, whatever it is, stuff is finally starting to look up. I'm still bent on making this my best.year.ever thusfar despite my bout with extreme broke-ness, unemployment (I go to school full time...and Armani ain't paying on the days I'm not in class), and alleged malnutrition. Jury is still out on that last one...I need a couple more weeks to make weight.

There was a point somewhere in all of this...Ah, yes! I finally got a job.

*Round of applause*

Sure it isn't on the career path (paving is still in the works), but Gordon Bennett, it's a move in the right direction. Score one for me.

Celebratory cocktail: Orange Brulee - if you ever are in the position where you can order this, please do. It's wonderful. Seriously.

I'm still aiming for N.Y., y'all. Even if all my ducks aren't in a row, I'm still going to make moves as if they are. Uncle Russy would be proud.

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