Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hair Update!!!

Taking a cue from Ms. Natural Muze, I've decided to celebrate my nappturalness. My hair has been growing fairly well over the past few months (it's down to my collarbone!!!), although I am noticing a GRIP of split ends - the bad ones are split multiple times. It's sad to look at. I trimmed like three weeks ago...oh well.

Anywho, I'm loving where I am with my hair right now. I've now realized that the more product I use, the worse off I am. I've been using an takeoff on the bohemian method where I'm supposed to only co-wash and use a bit of leave in conditioner as the totality of my product for the day. I cheat sometimes and put in a little product if I'm feeling like I need a little more. Not often, but it happens. Sometimes. LOL.

The weather is changing so I'm probably going to get it braided soon (pray for my ends, PLEASE), but until then, my puff will delight the world with its fluffiness.


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