Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This weekend was supposed to go very differently.

Four months ago, the plan was for me to walk down a red aisle overlooking the Long Beach harbor with a man who I like to call "the one who isn't on myspace." I had three bridesmaids, he had three groomsmen. Pastor Fred Jr. was presiding. It was going to be a fairly warm day - he had checked 9 months in advance. All was good because my dress was strapless anyway.

After that we were going to celebrate our newly created union with friends and family members in a room outfitted in white, crimson, and coffee brown (it worked, believe me). We were even gonna bust out a little routine to a Rick James medley that would have been youtube worthy. I had the first part down.

Right after, we were hitting up LAX on a trip to Hawaii for a week. I'll leave the rest out, mainly because I hadn't had all that planned out yet. Then again, who does?
But that is no more. We are no more. And I am...

LAUGHING my ass all the way to the --- to sell what's left of the reminders I have of what was once to be.

$5* to the first person to guess what I'm talking about!

Any takers? Eh? Eh?

*Presuming this isn't my last $5, and it probably we'll just have a laugh and call it even. OH YEAH.

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Muze said...

wow. they were just talking on the radio this morning about whether or not the woman should give the ring back when an engaged couple breaks up......hmmmm. lol. seems like you're doing fabulous