Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And this is how I'm really feeling

I swear...I'm so dissatisfied with my occupation right now. I paid out oodles and oodles of money to get a degree (2 actually) and am doing nothing related to either one. What's worse is that some of my friends who graduated with me are doing big.things.

I know I shouldn't try to compare my life with others, but sometimes I can't help but thinking that I've wasted so much time and effort to be where I am. It seriously depresses me sometimes. I could be doing so much more.

Then again, the future is unwritten, so who knows what's ahead. I do know, however, that something is bound to pan out for someone who busts their ass consistently with everything. I'm just tired of waiting and obstacles and setbacks and miscellaneous happenings that tie my hands and force me in a different direction.

Just had to vent.


Muze said...

giiiirrrrl. you know i'm feeling you.

Rebirth of Fly said...

Man! Last week hit me hard and I was

I had to put the song on my myspace page. LOL.

Muze said...

ha! i have the song on my myspace too. i'll have to add you as a friend.

Jazelle said...

omg this is like EXACTLY how i feel right now! all my friends are about to graduate college before me while i can't even figure out my major, let alone a career!

~your fellow NP sistah, msdiddyj :D